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Choosing Your Avatar!

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2019 1:02 pm
by Administrator
So you may be asking, what is an Avatar? Generally speaking, an avatar specifically refers to a character that represents you as an online user of this forum board. Avatars are commonly used in online communities and Web forums. Look at my Avatar to the right >>> right now it is Mario but another day I may choose a different Avatar based on how I feel. Have fun with this...

Short Cut:
There are a few ways to get to your profile, here is a shortcut to your Member Profile / Edit Avatar:

Long Way
So first let's click your USERNAME above right side or click here, click User Control Panel (this is the heart of your profile and account fill it out completely. But for now, let's click on Profile tab, in left menu "Edit Avatar", then Avatar Type should default as Galler avatar, click category and go!

Click the avatar you would like today, based on your mood and then go all the way to bottom of page click "submit".

Now when you reply to a post, or create a topic your personality will be displayed!!!